A Jerusalemite sentenced … Extensions … Releases
July 15, 2015

The Judge at the Magistrate Court sentenced and Jerusalemite and extended the detention of another. Al-Dameer institution lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud stated that the Judge at the Magistrate Court sentenced Yousef Nasser Abu Juma' actual imprisonment for 6 months and one day, with charges of throwing stones and a financial fine of 3 thousand Shekels, 3 months Stay of execution for 3 years. He added that the Judge extended the detention of Kayed Alrajabi until 10 – 09 – 2015 to decide the code of conduct and rule against him. The lawyer Mohammad added that session for the following were set: Amjad Alsalaymeh on 16 – 09 – 2015, Yousef Abu Assab and Mohammad Abu Sneineh on 21 – 09 -2015, the prosecution retracted the indictment against Abu Sneineh and Muhanad Al Safadi on 02 – 11 – 2015 and Adham Qiresh on 19 – 10 – 2015. The Judge decided to release Abed Al Razeq Mustafa with a third party guarantee worth 5 thousand Shekels.