Postponing the trial of the murderers of the youth Mohammad Abu Khdeir until 22 – 10 -2015
July 16, 2015

The District Court in Jerusalem postponed the trail of the murderers of Mohammad Abu Khdeir on (15 – 07 – 2015) until 22 – 10 – 2015. The decision to postpone came to be until the hearing of the psychiatrist in charge of the third suspect named "Itmar Zimir" from "Bet Shemesh" in the case "Kidnapping, Burning and killing Abu Khdeir", and in the coming session oral summaries from the defense and public prosecution will be presented in regards to the case. The court attempted to hold a "closed session" for the three settlers accused of murdering Abu Khdeir, under the pretext that the session is specialized to hear the minor suspect "Itmar Zimir" and forced the people present to leave the hall, and when his father and mother arrived at Court they strongly objected to be taken out.   The Martyrs Father … the court is trying to draft an agreement to exonerate the murderers The martyrs' father accused the courts committee of trying "to fabricate and draft an agreement behind closed doors to exonerate the murderers the settlers or to mitigate their sentences, denouncing stopping them from attending the session of the murderers of their child Mohammad, and he described it as racism and stressing that he is going to go to the International Criminal Court to prosecute the settlers. Both (the martyrs father and mother) don’t expect justice from the court, it is postponing and procrastinating condemning the settlers and trialing them even thought one year has passed on the crime the case is at a standstill. After the martyrs family waited for about half an hour and after the Lawyer Muhannad Jbara -the family's' lawyer – intervened the court allowed them entry while stopping the journalists from entering under the pretext that "the suspect is a minor". The settler Itmar: I suffer from psychological and family problems!! The settler Itmar was interrogated by his lawyer and the second settler " Yaer Ben David's" lawyer, and from the public prosecutor; the suspect denied through the session his initial confessions that he gave to the police and intelligence, he said that they planned to execute a kidnapping operation and beat up an Arab only and he was shocked when the boy was burnt and murdered. He said: "we planned to kidnap and Arab and beat him and tie him to a tree in the forest, we used a car that belongs to "Yousef Ben David" wife to conduct this, the cars size is big and we removed booster seat in order to be capable of executing the "kidnapping", the petrol that we bought was set fires in shops or vehicles or Arab houses as a retaliation to the killing of the settlers in Hebron" During his interrogation he talked about hitting and tying the child Mohammad Abu Khdeir while detained inside the car, but he denied participating in burning him, (contradicting his initial confessions). During the session the suspect claimed that he suffered from family problems before executing the operation and participating in the kidnapping and murdering of the child Abu Khdeir, he said: due to a problem with my father I went to my uncle "Yousef Ben David", and I became very close to him; one day he showed me a film for the funeral of the settlers that were killed in Hebron and decided to kidnap and Arab as a retaliation to that". And during the session – A teacher of the suspect Itmar – said that Itmar suffers from severe psychological conditions and takes 3 types of medication, he had advised his parents to take him to a Psychiatrist. The public prosecutor.. "Itmar" confessed to all the charges The public prosecutor – whom represents the family – showed a recording to the settlers in a medical eyeglasses shop owned by "Yousef Ben David" that showed them training to execute the kidnapping and assault operation. The public prosecutor stressed that "Itmar" confessed the charges aginst him and confessed to planning to execute an operation that involved "kidnapping and killing an Arab". Judges object to questions from the prosecutor to the suspect!! The judges objected to some questions asked by the public prosecutor and directed to the suspect "Itmar", the asked him in some cases to withdraw his questions, the Family saw in this "sympathy with one of the murderers and an attempt to reduce his sentence or acquit him of the crime". Medical Report: "Yousef Ben David" is Ineligible for trial!! In early July of this month the suspect "Yousef Ben David" was viewed by foreign psychiatrist and according to the report " Yousef is ineligible for trial because he suffers from mental problems", and that comes in contradiction to the claims of the Israeli psychiatrist that examined the suspect and assured that he was mentally sound".

قتلة ابو خضير

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