Pictures: The Metro security assault two Jerusalemites by beating
July 10, 2015

Two Jerusalemites suffer from bruises and cuts after being assaulted by the "Metro" security Guards and members of the Police in Shufat North of Jerusalem. Wadi Hilweh Information center – Silwan – learnt that the youth Marwan Nader Alsalaymeh 16 years old and Azmi Nassar Alsalaymeh 18 years old were attacked after detaining their identification card while riding the Metro. The citizen Nassar Alsalaymeh said that the two youths Marwan and Azmi were riding the Metro, their Identification Cards were requested and detained without a reason from the "metro's security gaurds", ad before leaving the metro on the station in the area of Shufat – Beit Hanina Marwan asked the guard to give him his Identification card back, except the guard pushed him and assaulted him. Alsalaymeh added that his son Azmi tried to contact his uncle to inform him of the incident but the guards pushed him and beat him up. Alsalaymeh said that Police members were waiting for them on the station and assaulted them with the support of the guards, and during the assault Azmi became unconscious for about 45 minutes and was rushed to Al-Maqased hospital for treatment, it was clear there that his injury was several cuts and bruises. He added that the forces arrested the youth Azmi and moved him to Beit Hanina Police station "Nabi Yaqoub" and was then released unconditionally. He assured that he is going to submit a complaint against the Metro security guards that have started to assault Jerusalemites almost on a daily basis on the metro stations or in it.