In pictures…Jerusalem: Injuries…arrests in response of the terrorist attack of “Duma”
August 1, 2015

Clashes broke out on Friday night in the neighborhoods and villages of Jerusalem in response to the settlers’ crime against Dawabsheh family house in the village of Duma south of Nablus which led to the Martyrdom of the baby Ali and the injury of his family members with critical burns. Shu’fat refugee camp… The spokesman of Fateh Movement in Shu’fat refugee camp, Thaer Fasfoos, explained that clashes broke out in the camp and led to the injury of a group of young men with rubber bullets and sound grenades; locals also suffocated due to tear-gas grenades. The injuries were as follows:

  • Six young men were injured in the head…one critical injury that was transferred to the hospital and five others with rubber bullets in addition to one injury with a tear gas grenade that required three stitches.
  • One young man directly injured in his hand with a sound grenade that caused a deep cut.
  • One young man injured with a rubber bullet in his back and suffered a deep cut.
  • Four injuries with rubber bullets in the limbs.
Esawyeh Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, explained that clashes broke out in Esawyeh and lasted for several hours especially in the “schools’ neighborhood” in which locals suffocated due to the smell of wastewater. During the clashes, the 93-old Amneh Mahmoud and the 48-year old Um Fadi Mahmoud suffocated after wastewater was directly sprayed at their houses; note that they were transferred to a medical center for treatment. Wastewater was also directly sprayed towards the houses of Khader Mustafa, Mahmoud Mohammad Mahmoud and his son. Abu Hummos also added that the occupation forces closed the eastern entrance of the village of Esawyeh with soil, big rocks and cement blocks as a collective punishment to the locals of the village. One Jerusalemite young man was injured with a rubber bullet underneath his eye during the clashes in the village and was then transferred to the hospital for treatment. The occupation forces targeted the photographer of the “Jerusalem” newspaper while he was in the village as the forces fired a bullet towards his car and partially damaged the front shield. Al-Sowaneh…Jabal Al-Mukabber…Al-Tur…Beit Hanina and Wad Al-Joz A group of young men threw firecrackers towards the settlement of Bet Aort and the occupation forces were deployed around the settlement. Also, young men threw Molotov Cocktails towards settlement outposts in Beit Hanina. Clashes also broke out in Al-Tur and Jabal Al-Mukabber and young men threw firecrackers towards a police vehicle in the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz. Silwan… The occupation forces arrested the 19-year old Amer Zidani in the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan when there were no clashes in the area; note that the police extended his arrest for 24 hours as explained by his brother Basem Zidani. Also, several young men threw firecrackers towards a police vehicle while passing in Ein Al-Lozeh Street in Silwan. 11815865_10152935896232466_1156689596_n 11836959_10152935875677466_12303853_o 11824177_10152935874787466_347133944_n     11816035_10152935873307466_1442496567_n 11800677_10152935875827466_907001066_o 11805807_10152935869992466_764698783_n 11806556_10152935874717466_1371856695_o 11807068_10152935874832466_1588571617_o 11793214_10152935867512466_1302742311_n 11793196_10152935872732466_411798780_n   11791734_10152935867247466_276097350_n 11791650_10152935896417466_324005880_n 11793435_10152935874627466_818979255_n 11798537_10152935874817466_532463841_n