The occupation municipality demolished a commercial establishment in the industrial zone- Qalandia
August 11, 2015

The municipality’s bulldozers demolished on Tuesday morning a commercial establishment north of Jerusalem owned by Mazen Abu Diab. Large Israeli forces including police and Special Forces raided the industrial zone- Qalandia on Tuesday morning and completely surrounded the area and then proceeded with the demolition operation without prior notice. Mazen Abu Diab explained that half of the building has been established since 1971 and that he expanded the building two years ago and added 100 square meters. The occupation municipality issued a demolition order while Abu Diab attempted to obtain a building permit but to no avail. The total area of the building is 220 square meters and consists of three floors (four room, two meeting rooms and their facilities). Abu Diab also pointed out that the building was unused as he was preparing it for office use. Tags: Demolition