A demonstration at the Red Cross headquarters to support the prisoner Mohammad Allan
August 12, 2015

Dozens of Jerusalemites demonstrated on Monday night inside the Red Cross headquarters in an open sit-in to support the prisoner Mohammad Allan who has been on a hunger-strike for nearly two months in rejection of his administrative arrest. The young men responded to a call from the Jerusalemite Youth Movement and Jerusalemite activists and held pictures of the prisoner Allan and raised banners supporting him. They also raised Palestinian flags and chanted slogans against neglecting and ignoring the prisoner. Participants requested to the presence of a permanent representative from the Red Cross with the prisoner Allan at the hospital to prevent the forced feeding and to allow his mother to visit him. The 30-year old prisoner is from the village of Einabous in Nablus and has been arrested since 16/11/2014. He announced the hunger strike since last June to refuse the administrative arrest without a trial and the Israeli occupation authorities transferred the prisoner to “Barzilay” hospital in Ashdod last Monday morning a prelude to force feed him after “Soroka” hospital refused to do so. The head of Prisoner’s Club, lawyer Jawad Boulos, explained in a statement that Allan’s medical condition is severe and is suffering from poor vision. He is also unable to move and cannot go to the restroom on his own and is constantly throwing up green and yellow stuff. The prisoner is detained in an intensive–care room and is surrounded by six jailers that are guarding him while his left arm and right leg are cuffed to the bed. Boulos confirmed that the prisoner refuses to undergo any medical check-ups and refuses treatment and is drinking water without any supplements.   11817239_928726923858674_6837551616231653392_n