Five children are arrested, assaulted and stripped down to prevent them from being at Al-Aqsa Mosque
August 12, 2015

Fiver Jerusalemite children were assaulted and severely beaten last week while they were detained and interrogated at Al-Qishleh police station in the Old City of Jerusalem in an attempt to prevent them from going and staying at Al-Aqsa Mosque. The children are: Abdel Karim Haddad (16), Mohammad Ibrahim Abu Sneineh (16), Mahmoud Maher Najib (17), Obada Samir Najib (17) and Mohammad Samir Najib (19). They were arrested on 2/8/2015 after leaving Al-Aqsa Mosque and were accused of throwing stones at the Israeli forces inside Al-Aqsa. They were all released last Thursday except for the child Abu Sneineh with a 200-NIS bail, isolation from Al-Aqsa for 20 days and signing a third-party bail for each. Ala’ Haddad, member of Jerusalemites detainees and prisoners families committee and uncle of the child Abdel Karim Haddad, explained that the children were exposed to harsh interrogation, assault and were stripped down during the detention at Al-Qishleh police center in order to extract confessions from them regarding throwing stones inside Al-Aqsa. Haddad also explained that the occupation forces arrested the children and transferred them to Al-Silsileh Gate police center and then to Al-Qishleh police center where they were detained in separate rooms that are not equipped with surveillance cameras. They were stripped down and searched and were also severely beaten. Also, bags with filthy smells were placed on their heads and they forces verbally assaulted them while they were handcuffed; Haddad pointed out that the head of interrogation department personally assaulted the children. He also added that the children were then transferred from Al-Qishleh police center to Ofek prison; they were interrogated three times at Al-Qishleh and were assaulted twice. Haddad also pointed out that the children were arrested several times throughout the last few years but the interrogators and Israeli forces managed to assault and severely beat them this time. Haddad confirmed that the children’s families will file an official claim to the “Mahash” because of the assault their children were exposed to during the interrogation. Haddad also mentioned that the occupation intelligence handed him last Sunday a call to interrogate him at Al-Qishleh. When he headed to the police station, the interrogator claimed that the children were not assaulted and they were only interrogated in a normal way.