Assaulting a Christian young man and arresting
August 12, 2015

  The occupation forces along with a settler assaulted a Christian young man and severely beat him near Al-Silsileh Gate. The settler pushed the young man and a group of Special Forces immediately arrived and assaulted the young man causing him to lose consciousness; he was carried and transferred to Al-Silsileh gate police station. For the second consecutive day, the occupation police prevented a group of women from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque and arrested two young men and transferred them to Al-Silsileh gate police station. Witnesses said that the occupation police stationed at Al-Aqsa Gates prevented 15 women from entering Al-Aqsa for no reason; note that they had a list of names for females banned from entering Al-Aqsa but the duration or reason were not classified. In a related matter, the occupation police arrested the young man Tamer Shala’ta.