The occupation attacks three children in Silwan and attempts to arrest them
August 14, 2015

The occupation forces attacked a group of children while walking in "Maragha" neighborhood in Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces attacked the 9-year old Qassam Eyad Al-A'war, 5-year old Mohammad Kamal Al-A'war and the 7-year old Mohammad Ahmad Al-A'war while they were heading home from summer camp. Eyad Al-A'war, Qassam's father, explained that he was on the roof of his house and heard the sound of a sound grenade and children screaming. He managed to get to the area where the occupation forces were surrounding the three children under the pretext of "throwing stones towards a settler"; the forces fired a sound grenade towards the children and pushed them to the ground. Al-A'war added that verbal altercations broke out between him and the occupation forces who were forced to withdraw from the area. The forces came afterwards to his house and checked his ID and asked about his son Qassam. 11854018_10152964541722466_650523972_n 11857788_10152964541397466_516176717_n 11880266_10152964541757466_1531310689_n 11880282_10152964541332466_1779384954_n