In pictures: The occupation closes three of the Esawyeh’s entrances
August 25, 2015

The occupation authorities closed three of the entrances of the village of Esawyeh among the policy of “collective punishment” imposed for nearly two years in Jerusalem. The locals of the village of Esawyeh complained about the collective punishment policy against them that includes closure of villages’ entrances with cement blocks and preventing the locals from using the roads in addition to establishing checkpoints and iron barriers on the entrances of the villages and searching vehicles and randomly issuing traffic tickets. They also use tear-gas and waste water in the streets of the village and target the houses and properties of Jerusalemites under the pretext of throwing stones. The locals added that the occupation Special Forces deliberately raid the village leading to the breakout of clashes. In the same context, the member of follow-up committee Mohammad Abu Hummos explained that the forces closed two of the village’s entrances two weeks ago with cement blocks, big rocks and soil; they closed the eastern entrance leading to “Jerusalem-Jericho” Street and Al-Za’faraneh sub-entrance. Abu Hummos pointed out that the occupation authorities closed the southwestern entrance of the village which is close by Hadassah Hospital in July 2014. He said: “the occupation does not take into account the needs and interests of 18 thousand people living in the village of Esawyeh and deliberately practice the policy of "collective punishment”. Closing the southwestern entrance prevents the locals and emergency cases from quickly reaching Hadassah Hospital and puts patients' lives at risk especially that five thousand people live in the area.” He added: “Closing the eastern and Al-Za’faraneh entrances prevents the residents from directly reaching the main road as they as they are forced to cross through the streets of the village and through Jerusalemite neighborhoods to reach the main street.” He also said that closing some of the village’s entrances causes heavy traffic jams especially that the new school-year is about to start. Abu Hummos appealed to the human rights organizations to visit the village of Esawyeh and witness the locals’ problems caused by the closure of the entrances of the village. العيسوية اغلاق العيسوية طريق الجامعة العيسوية طريق زعيم اغلاق