Raiding the house of Adnan Gheith, secretary of Fateh Movement, and distributing administrative demolition orders
August 26, 2015

Joint crews from the occupation municipality and Israeli forces raided on Wednesday the house of Adnan Gheith, secretary of Fateh Movement in Jerusalem, in the “Middle Neighborhood” in Silwan. Adnan Gheith explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the occupation forces along with the municipality crews raided the family’s building that consists of three floors and took pictures from the outside under the pretext of violation of building; Gheith pointed out that the building has been established for 80 years and some of it for 25 years and the municipality’s claims were untrue. Gheith added that the forces attempted to break-into his house to take pictures from the inside which resulted into the breakout of verbal altercations and clashes using hands between the forces and residents. He also explained that the forces assaulted his brother Bilal and handed him an order for interrogation for next Tuesday. It is noteworthy that 17 individuals live in the building where most of them are children. The municipality had handed Adnan’s family an administrative demolition order while he was under administrative arrest. The policy of harassing Gheith family is among the policy of harassing Jerusalemite activists as the Israeli police sent lists of names to the municipality and other organizations that included names of Jerusalemites accused of “security cases” in order to carry out "punitive measures" against them or their families; note that these lists were described as “black lists”. Demolition orders The occupation municipality’s crews handed an administrative demolition order to the house of Salah Maragha in the Middle Neighborhood in Silwan. The center was informed that the 85-square meters house was built in 1994 and consists of two rooms and their facilities; note that 4 individuals live in the house. The municipality’s crews also hung a demolition order on another house in the Middle Neighborhood. The house is 100-square meters and the family only moved in at the beginning of the current year.