Shallodi family: Mother and son detained…and another son deported
November 25, 2015

The District court recently extended the arrest of the 35-year old Jerusalemite prisoner Shifa’ Obeid Shallodi until the so-called “conduct officer” release his report to discuss the possibility of releasing her on condition of house-arrest and a bail; date of next session was not decided. Prisoner Shifa’ Shallodi was arrested with her 14-year old son on 21/10/2015 after the occupation Special Forces raided their house in Al-Bustan Street in Silwan. Fadi was released a day after on conditions of house-arrest and a financial bail while the judge extended her arrest several times until an indictment was submitted against her. The occupation forces also arrested her 17-year old son Samer and requested her husband Hamzeh Shallodi and son Basel for interrogation at the police interrogation centers in Jerusalem. The occupation took away the mother Shifa’ from her husband and children by arresting and transferring her to Hasharon prison while Samer was arrested and transferred to Giv’on prison and Fadi has been deported from his house to his uncle’s house in Silwan. The occupation accused Samer and Fadi of throwing stones, bricks and empty glasses while accused their mother of incitement and helping young men to prepare stones and empty bottles. Shifa’ was also accused of illegal staying in the city of Jerusalem since she holds a West Bank ID. The husband is experiencing great suffering since the arrest of his wife and children and is trying to fill the gap left by the absence of the mother to his two other children; Cedra and Basel. He is also working hard to follow-up with the detainees’ affairs in the occupation’s prisons and his son who is deported to his uncle’s house. Shallodi said: “Cedra and Basel need their mother. They continuously ask about her and when she will come home; they also need their brothers. The family should gather again under one roof like before and Basel needs follow-up and special care which he was receiving from his mother. Fadi’s suffering is extra since he is deported from his house to his uncle’s house. He is banned from going outside the house and is not allowed to go to school which negatively affected his behavior and mood. The Israeli occupation prevented Hamzeh Shallodi from visiting his wife in Hasharon prison under the pretext of being a former prisoner 24 years ago. Shallodi family is waiting for a court session to be scheduled for Shifa’ to discuss the possibility of releasing her; note that the Magistrate judge agreed to release her last under conditions but the prosecution refused and appealed the decision at the District court which ordered to freeze the releasing order until the so-called “conduct officer” releases his report.