Arrests…extensions of arrest
November 26, 2015

The occupation forces arrested on Wednesday night the 23-year old Saleh Mheisen from Salah Eddin Street in the city of Jerusalem. Witnesses explained that the occupation forces stopped Saleh Mheisen and checked his ID during which they insulted him. Suddenly, a borders control soldier attacked the young man and severely assaulted him. They took him to Salah Eddin Street police station and accused of assaulting a policeman. In a related matter, the occupation forces arrested two Jerusalemite students on Wednesday after leaving their schools in Esawyeh under the pretext of throwing stones. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces arrested an 11-year old and took him to the police center and was unconditionally released. They also arrested the 13-year old Mohammad Naser Abu Ghannam. Mohammad’s father explained that the occupation forces arrested his son from in front of his school in the village of Al-Tur. After he found out about his son from some colleagues, he went and looked for him at Salah Eddin Street police station but did not find him. Later on, he received a phone call from one of the interrogators and told him that Mohammad is detained in O’z police center in Jabal Al-Mukabber. Abu Ghannam pointed out that the police did not allow him to attend the interrogation and extended the arrest of his son until Thursday; he mentioned that Mohammad suffers from a weakness in his limbs’ muscles. On the other hand, the Magistrate judge decided to release the 13-year old Ehab Farhat Abdel Hay Shahin after signing a financial bail and on condition of house-arrest for three days. Abed Shahin explained that the occupation forces called his nephew on Tuesday to interrogate him and extended his arrest on charges of throwing stones; during Wednesday’s session, the judge decided to release him. The forces also arrested on Wednesday the child Nour Halawani from the area of Damascus Gate in Jerusalem. In a related matter, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of Jibril Al-A’war and Eyad Jandal until 27/11/2015, and Shadi Kleib and Adham Sabta until 29/11/2015. The judge also extended the arrest of Anas Khatib and Nour Khader until Thursday; the police accused of then planning to carry out an attack. The judge extended the arrest of Baha’ Ajloni until 10/1/2016 and Daoud Abu Sbitan until 23/12/2015. Lawyer Mahmoud added that the Magistrate judge decided to release Akram Mustafa with no conditions and Mohammad Abu Khdeir with a 500-NIS bail, house arrest for 3 days and a 1500-NIS third-party bail; a session was also held for the child Abed Salloum and another session was scheduled for him on 20/12/2015 (he is not detained).