Injured prisoners between the injury’s aches and detention pain
November 29, 2015

  Between injuries’ aches and detention pain, between band aids and gypsum and platinum and between accusation and court and punishments, they are only guilty of being Jerusalemites that fell victim to Israel's security concern to end up being injured by the occupation’s bullets and under the pretext of “attempting to stab”. Since the beginning of October, the popular rise launched and many young men and women were injured due to being assaulted or shot only because they were suspicious of stabbing Israelis. They were arrested despite their injuries and some of them are still receiving treatment under heavy guard and restrictions on their parents’ visits; others were transferred to prison before completing the necessary treatment. Wadi Hilweh Information Center highlighted the injured prisoners through meeting their families. Injured prisoner Tarek Dweik The 22-year old prisoner Tarek Dweik is still receiving treatment at Al-Ramleh prison’s hospital after being transferred from “Beilinson” hospital in Petah Tikva. He was injured on 13/10/2015 after being assaulted by four settlers using iron pipes on his face and head. The police forces arrived at the scene and assaulted him with the butts of their guns resulting in a brain hemorrhage and fractures in the facial bones (jaw, eyes’ cavity). Dweik’s mother said that they were able to visit him last week in Al-Ramleh prison’s hospital for the first time and added: “Signs of the injury were clear; he suffers from continuous dizziness and tends to forget at times. His vision ability decreased in addition to several pains and bruises. He was mostly hit on the head and face.” The prisoner’s mother explained that her son’s jaw is still stitched with wires due to the fractures he suffered. He is currently being fed through liquids after being fed for weeks through his neck. She also mentioned that the breathing tube is still placed in his neck since he is unable to breathe on his own due to fractures; it is expected that Dweik will undergo a surgery to remove it. She pointed out that despite the critical condition of her son and his inability to talk, the visit was through the window and telephone. She explained that her son was transferred to Al-Ramleh prison’s hospital despite the need of being in a specialized hospital as he requires special follow-up. She noted that Tarek was interrogated several times at the hospital despite his pains and injury; he cannot talk clearly because of fractures in his jaw. Dweik’s mother added that several absentia sessions were held for her son while he was brought to court in the last session when an indictment was submitted against him to the District Court in Los that included charges of attempting to kill a settler using a knife in the area of Ra’nana. Tarek’s mother also added that her son does not remember what happened on that day when he was injured and told them: “I remember going inside a grocery store in Ra’nana. When I left, four settlers asked me where I was from and I answered Jerusalem”. He does not remember anything after that. Isra’ Ja’abees Isra’ Ja’abees is a mother and has been under-arrest since 10/11/2015 in Hadassah Ein Kerem hospital and is being badly treated by Israeli police and guards. Lawyer Tarek Barghouth said: “The guards are 24/7 present in his client’s room and attempt to provoke and pressure her by insulting her and by placing a mirror in front her so she can continuously see the burns she suffered.” Talal Sayyad, Isra’s uncle, explained that she underwent four surgeries as burns cover most of her body. Absentia sessions were held for her and the judge extended her arrest several times; an indictment was submitted against her in the District court during the last absentia session. He added that the family submitted several requested to visit her but were denied. Until today, they only know about her medical condition through the lawyer. Isra’s lawyer explained that an indictment was submitted against his client that included charges of “attempted murder”; they claim that Isra’ attempted to burn a policeman using a home gas tank. The lawyer also pointed out that the occupation claimed at the beginning that she had an explosive device which was falsified during court sessions. It was revealed that the incident occurred 500 meters away from Al-Z’ayem checkpoint which denies any intention of Isra’ to hurt occupation soldiers. Nourhan Awwad The 16-year old Nourhan Awwad from Qalandia refugee camp is still under arrest and receiving treatment at Shaare Zedek hospital. The family was unable to visit her and check on her medical condition; note that she was injured in the chest and underwent a surgery and is currently in stable condition. Nourhan was arrested on 23/11/2015 after being assaulted and shot when she attempted to carry out a stabbing attack in Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem using “scissors”; she was with the 14-year old Hadil Wajih Awwad. Marah Bakir The 16-year old prisoner Marah Bakir is still suffering from pains in her hand because of not getting the necessary rest and rehabilitation after suffering the injury. Bakir was arrested on 12/10/2015 after being shot by a policeman dressed in civil clothes under the pretext of “possession of a knife”. More than 10 rounds were fired towards her and she suffered an injury in her left hand; some bullets went through her hand while others remained in her hand and required surgeries to remove them. She was also injured by shrapnel of bullets in her face and right hand and underwent two surgeries; first one immediately after the injury to remove the bullets from her hand and the other is to implant platinum and ensure the functioning of her hand’s nerves. Marah was not fully recovered when she was transferred to Asqalan prison three days after the surgery. The school’s uniform and injury weren’t an excuse to release the child. She was rather interrogated and an indictment was submitted against her including charges of “planning to kill and slightly injuring a policeman”. Marah’s family explained that she was transferred from the hospital to Asqalan prison and then to Al-Ramleh prison with two other minor female prisoners; they are suffering from harsh living conditions. The family is still prevented from visiting Marah at the prison and was able to only visit her once at the hospital for 10 minutes in the presence of police personnel; note that they were granted the visit after submitting a request to the court. Marah is practicing exercises to maintain the safety of her hand. Marah fell last year on her hand and had to undergo a surgery to implant platinum. Despite the pain, she tries to treat herself doing the required exercises to her other hand. Asqalan’s prison administration refused to bring clothes, shoes and blankets to Marah. Marah said the blankets used are dirty and filthy which forces them to sleep on the floor without blankets. The prison’s administration deliberately storm into their room everyday for no reason, add to that the presence of insects in the room. The food served in the prison is very bad and uneatable since it is not cooked well and the prison’s administration deliberately delays the meals causing prisoners to suffer from dizziness due to the lack of food. Marah said they are only allowed to go out to the courtyard for 15 minutes a day only. Mohammad Yousef Burqan Targeting the 18-year old Mohammad Yousef Burqan with a rubber bullet in his eye resulting in the removal of his wasn’t enough for the occupation forces who are detaining him. Mohammad’s father explained that his son was injured by a rubber bullet in his left eye at the beginning of last October. He underwent a surgery in which the left eye had to be enucleated and two platinum implants were done to the bones of his face because of fractures he suffered in the skull, nose, teeth and upper jaw; wounds were also stitched. It was revealed that an artery was cut in the left side of his face which he cannot feel at all. He added that his son still suffers from pains, fatigue and swelling in his face. Mohammad was transferred to Al-Maskobyeh prison only days after undergoing the surgery and enucleating his eye. He said that Al-Maskobyeh prison administration isolated him three times so far despite his injury and pain. He was isolated once a day as a punishment to prisoners; initial interrogation took place at the hospital. Shurouq Dwayyat The 18-year old Shurouq Dwayyat was injured on 7/10/2015 and is still suffering pains in her hand after being shot by a female settler under the pretext of attempting to stab her. Shurouq’s mother said: “Shurouq was presented to court last month and signs of fatigue and sickness were clear. She still suffers sever pains in her hand and underwent a surgery to implant an artery in her shoulder and implant skin in her neck. After spending three days in the hospital, she was transferred to Al-Maskobyeh and then to Hasharon prison. Every now and then, she is transferred to Al-Maskobyeh for interrogation despite submitting an indictment against her. She also said that her daughter was injured with three bullets (chest are, shoulder and neck muscle). She can’t really move her hand and use it and needs physiotherapy but procedures of presenting her to a specialist are delayed. Shurouq explained to her mother during the first visit in Hasharon prison that she underwent harsh interrogation. She was insulted and yelled at by 5 interrogators who were interrogating her and threatening to arrest her family members and demolish her house. Shurouq also explained that she requested the presence of her lawyer wither during interrogation but the interrogator claimed that he lawyer is busy and does not have the time to come. The lawyer denied those claims and confirmed he was never informed. The information center pointed out that the occupation authorities arrested the 13-year old Ahmad Manasra and 11-year old Ali Ihab Ali Alqam after they were critically injured. They remained under arrest at the hospital and received treatment for several days. Despite their young age, they were not released and were transferred to “internal institutes”. The forces also arrested Bilal Abu Ghanem who carried out a dual attack in an Israeli bus in the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber. He stayed in the hospital for several days and was then transferred to prison; he was shot multiple times. The forces also arrested Khaled Basti after a group of settlers assaulted him under the pretext of “attempting to carry out a stabbing attack”. Basti suffered several fractures and wounds and remained at the hospital for few days.