The Martyrdom of the child Ayman Sameeh Abbasi…clashes…and raiding a medical center
November 29, 2015

A Palestinian child passed away on Sunday night during clashes in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amoud in Silwan. Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the Martyr who is a freed prisoner was critically injured in his chest, and was then announced a Martyr; he is the 17-year old Ayman Sameeh Hasan Abbasi. Abbasi is a freed prisoner and had previously spent a year and a half in the occupation’s prisons and 10 months of house-arrest before that. He was accused of monitoring the stabbing of an Israeli settler in Ras Al-Amoud on 2/11/2012; he was released in February 2015. After the announcement of the Martyrdom of Abbasi, violent clashes broke out in the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan between angry young men and occupation forces. Young men closed the roads with burning tires and dumpsters as a response to targeting children with deadly bullets. The forces raided Ein Al-Lozeh medical center and detained the medical staff’s IDs as well as the IDs of some young men present in the area. The center was informed that the occupation forces are currently detaining the medical staff in Ein Al-Lozeh medical center (doctor, receptionist and nurse). The staff and other people inside the center are not allowed to leave. The occupation forces raided the building of Sami Rajabi in Ein Al-Lozeh under the pretext of looking for the Martyr Abbasi and searched houses as explained by Rajabi family. The occupation forces surrounded Al-Maqased and Augusta Victoria hospital in Al-Tur and are searching all vehicles entering the hospitals. The occupation authorities are attempting to seize the body of the Martyr since the first moments of his injury.