Family of Martyr Ghazali: The occupation murdered Mousab without taking into consideration his mental disability
December 29, 2015

The family of Martyr Mousab Mahmoud Ghazali requested to open an official investigation to reveal the circumstances of murdering their son by the occupation forces at the entrance of Jaffa Street in West Jerusalem on the 26th of the current month. Mu’taz Ghazali, Martyr’s brother, explained that his brother was murdered with cold blood while being near Jaffa Street across from Jaffa Gate in West Jerusalem; he denied the occupation’s claims that his brother intended to carry out a stabbing attack. Ghazali said: “Mousab suffers from a mental disability. He is a simple young man and never thought of carrying out a stabbing attack as the occupation authorities claim. He doesn’t understand or follow-up with political matters. He left last Saturday morning as usual and we thought he went to West Jerusalem to collect empty bottles.” Ghazali also explained that the occupation police did not mention anything about Mousab having a knife during the interrogation or that he intended to stab anyone. They only said that he was suspicious and was searched.” The Martyr’s brother added that several surveillance cameras are installed in the area but nothing was shown to reveal the truth. Mu’taz added that his family informed the occupation intelligence during the interrogation about Mousab’s condition and that he is a special needs person; a report was given to them on Sunday from Al-Nur Special Needs School regarding his condition since he was a student there. Mu’taz also added that his brother has been suffering from mental disorders since his childhood. He was first enrolled in a regular school but was then transferred to Al-Nur School where he received his education and finished 10 years ago. He pointed out that Mousab had good relations with the neighbors and friends and was a very simple person.