Esawyeh: A complete siege and arresting 25 Jerusalemites
April 20, 2016

The occupation forces carried out a wide series of raids and arrests in the village of Esawyeh after imposing a complete siege on the village that lasted for several hours.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces raided the village for all of its entrances on Tuesday night and closed the village and prevented anyone from entering or leaving for no reason. A helicopter and a thermal balloon equipped with surveillance cameras supported the forces. After midnight, the forces raided the neighborhoods of the village, stormed into several houses and harassed and provoked the residents through searching and damaging the contents of their home and arresting young men and children; dozens received requests for interrogation.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the forces arrested 23 Jerusalemites from the village of Esawyeh mostly children and transferred them to Al-Maskobyeh and Salah Eddin Street police station for interrogation.

The detainees are:

  1. Mohammad Abed Atyeh, 15
  2. Ali Amjad Ali Atyeh, 15
  3. Hussein Abed Darwish, 15
  4. Ahmad Yousef Obeid, 15
  5. Yazan Khaled N’aji, 15
  6. Odai Ali Dirbas, 14
  7. Mohammad Thaer Suleiman, 15
  8. Firas Mahmoud, 17
  9. Ahmad Jamjoom, 13
  10. Mahmoud Hijazi, 14
  11. Mohammad Khaled Mahmoud, 12
  12. Ahmad Atyeh, 19
  13. Bashar Mahmoud, 17
  14. Ahmad Mahmoud, 13
  15. Yassin Suboh, 21
  16. Daoud Atyeh, 17
  17. Muntaser Jaber, 17
  18. Ahmad Abu Khalaf, 13
  19. Amir Mohammad Dari, 32
  20. Mousa Darwish, 21
  21. Mahmoud Dirbas, 21
  22. Mutasem Abu Rayyaleh, 23
  23. Khaled Mahmoud, 27

The locals of the Esawyeh said that the Israeli forces also arrested Wadi’ Abu Hummos and Mahmoud Fayez Mahmoud.

The forces handed requested for interrogation to more than 20 children and young men in the village as explained by Mohammad Abu Hummos, member of follow-up committee in the village.

Abu Hummos added that the forces confiscated two vehicles for Mahmoud family without informing the owners. He added that the forces turned the village into a military camp for more than six while carrying out their series of raids and arrests.

The forces hung flyers on commercial stores and the walls of the village warning the locals from continuing the “incitement” driven by Hamas movement and the disruptive actions. Closing the house of Fadi Alon was also mentioned in the flyer as well as the deportation of the family of Martyr Fouad Abu Rajab outside the city of Jerusalem. Young men previously arrested on charges of incitement on social media were mentioned in the flyer in order to warn others.

The follow-up committee in the village confirmed that the forces raid the village frequently for no reason resulting in almost daily clashes in the village as the locals are targeted with sound grenades and rubber bullets. Also, the distribution of demolition orders and targeting commercial and residential establishments as well as the harassment of municipality and tax authorities play a big role in the occurrence of clashes.