Pictures: After detaining their bodies for 7 months, Martyrs Manasra and Abu Jamal are buried in Jerusalem
May 24, 2016

Martyrs Manasra and Abu Jamal were buried in the city of Jerusalem after Monday midnight and after being detained in the occupation’s freezers for more than 7 months.

Martyrs Hasan Manasra (15) and Ala’ Abu Jamal (32) passed away last October after being shot by the occupation forces. Manasra was shot on 12/10/2015 in the settlement of Pisgat Ze’ev that is established on the lands of Beit Hanina north of Jerusalem while Abu Jamal passed away the next day after carrying out a run-over and stabbing attack against settlers in West Jerusalem; their bodies have been detained in the occupation’s freezers since then part of the collective punishment policy practiced against Martyrs’ families.

The procedures of releasing and burying the bodies of Manasra and Abu Jamal started around 11 p.m. and finished at 3:30 a.m. The occupation intelligence released the bodies sequentially at Lions Gate Cemetery and then Jabal Al-Mukabber Cemetery in the presence of a large number of Israeli forces inside the cemeteries and around them.

Manasra family explained that the forces were heavily present at the gates of the Lions Gate and Al-Rahmeh Gate Cemeteries and also accompanied the family during the funeral and its procedures. The family explained that only 40 people were able to participate in the funeral and were body –searched before the releasing process; they also confiscated their cell phones as well as the lawyers’ cell phones.

The body of Manasra was buried in Al-Rahmeh Gate Cemetery adjacent to walls of Al-Aqsa Mosque after being detained in the occupation’s freezers for 225 days.

In the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber, restrictions and strict procedures were implemented around the cemetery and the Mosque. The police had already set the number of people participating in the funeral (40 only). They deliberately delayed the releasing process for several hours under the pretext of the presence of more than 40 people in the cemetery and around it.

While the body of Martyr Ala’ was inside the Israeli ambulance inside Oz police center, infantry units raided the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber and were deployed around the cemetery, inside it and at its gates; the body was then released near the gate. Only 40 people were allowed to enter the cemetery and bury him while dozens of the village’s young men were able to take a final look at the body and held him on their shoulders; he was buried in his village after being detained for 224 days inside the occupation’s freezers.

The occupation authorities are still detaining the bodies of 6 Jerusalemite Martyrs in their freezers, they are:

  1. Thaer Abu Ghazaleh (19)
  2. Baha’ Mohammad Alayan (22)
  3. Abdel Muhsen Hassouneh (21)
  4. Mohammad Abu Khalaf (20)
  5. Mohammad Jamal Kaloti (21)
  6. Abdullah Saleh Abu Khroub (19)

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities released the body of the Jerusalemite Martyr Fouad Abu Rajab on Sunday afternoon near Betonia checkpoint in order to bury him in the village of Jdayreh northwest of Jerusalem.