Ardan orders to stop releasing Martyrs’ bodies- Lawyer Mahmoud confirms the commitment of Abu Jamal family to the releasing conditions of their son Ala’
May 24, 2016

Al-Dameer organization lawyer, Mohammad Mahmoud, refused the claims of the Minister of Internal Security, Gilad Ardan, that Abu Jamal family did not commit to the releasing conditions of their son Ala’. As a result, Ardan ordered the police to stop releasing the bodies of Jerusalemite Martyrs to their families.

Lawyer Mahmoud who was present in the releasing process and during the funeral confirmed that Ardan’s claims are untrue and only came to satisfy the Israeli media that is concerned to delay the releasing of Palestinian Martyrs.

He added that Abu Jamal family were committed to all the releasing conditions imposed on them starting with only two family members identifying the body at O’z police center at the entrance of the village of Jabal Al-Mukabber followed by receiving the body at the gate of the cemetery and immediately carrying out the funeral procedures and burying the body; the family also deposited 40 thousand NIS as a security to ensure commitment to the rules.

The lawyer explained that 50 family members participated in the funeral and the young men who were present near the funeral had only participated in the prayer and did not enter the cemetery and respected the conditions imposed on the Martyrs’ family.

Lawyer Mahmoud continued that Special Forces and intelligence personnel were deployed around the cemetery and supervised the entry of family members inside the cemetery; after the funeral, the police ensured the family’s commitment to the conditions.  

The lawyer also mentioned that Ardan is currently outside the country and the order he made to the police to stop releasing the bodies of Palestinian Martyrs was written on his Facebook account while the police did not inform the lawyer about any decision to delay the releasing process as recommended by the Supreme Court.

He said that Ardan will hold a meeting when he gets back with the police, intelligence and officers that monitored the releasing process of Abu Jamal where he will be briefed about the funeral and the family’s commitment to the conditions. 

Ardan claimed that the Martyrs’ families lied to the Supreme Court having pledged to abide by the rules of the police. He said that it was a pity that the Supreme Court believed them and put pressure on the police to release the bodies before the month of Ramadan.

The occupation authorities are still detaining the bodies of 6 Jerusalemite Martyrs in their freezers, they are:

  1. Thaer Abu Ghazaleh (19)
  2. Baha’ Mohammad Alayan (22)
  3. Abdel Muhsen Hassouneh (21)
  4. Mohammad Abu Khalaf (20)
  5. Mohammad Jamal Kaloti (21)
  6. Abdullah Saleh Abu Khroub (19)