Israeli Festival of Lights…A judaization to the city of Jerusalem
May 29, 2016

The activities of “Israeli Festival of Lights” in the city of Jerusalem continued for the fifth consecutive day. It is organized by the so-called “Jerusalem Development Authority, “Jerusalem Municipality” and “Jerusalem and Heritage Office” and directed by “Ariel” company; the festival is funded by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Department.

In its 8th years, the Judaization festival included 30 sites distributed over 5 tracks and also included shows and art events with lights and music. The tracks focused on the Arabian historic places in the city starting with Suleiman’s Cave and passing through Damascus Gate, New Gate, Jaffa Gate and Omar Ben Al-Khattab Square until reaching David’s Gate. Also, there were tracks inside the Old City of Jerusalem inside the Armenian Square and Jewish Square in addition to other tracks in Jaffa Street.

The occupation authorities try to show the city of Jerusalem as a Jewish city through the festival and also attempt to delete the Arabic and Palestinians history and culture in the city; the authorities bring thousands of Israelis to visit the city during the days of the festival.

The organizers distribute brochures in Arabic, English and Hebrew where all the names of streets are written in their Israeli Jewish titles including Al-Buraq Square (Wailing Wall), Al-Wad Street (Hagaya), Khan Al-Zeit Street (Beit Habad), Al-Silsileh Gate (Hashal Shelet Street), Silwan (City of David), David’s Gate (Zion’s Gate), Wadi Hilweh Street (Maaleh Hashalom Street), Al-Kittan Cave (Sidqyahu Cave), New Gate (Sha’ar Hahadash), Ma’man Allah (Mamilla) and New Gate Street (Hatzanhanim Street).

It is noteworthy that international groups participate in the festival which became one of the International Festival of Lights.