After 11 months under house-arrest…sentencing two children from the village of Esawyeh for actual imprisonment
November 1, 2016

The District judge sentenced the children Khader Abu Ghannam and Amir Abulhawa for 5 months of actual imprisonment and a suspended probation of 6 months for three years after they had been under house-arrest for 11 months. 

The children Khader Abu Ghannam, Amir Abulhawa and Haitham Khweis were arrested on 10/12/2015 by Musta’ribeen individuals (undercover police) in the village of Al-Tur; they were dressed as women wearing veils. They were accused of throwing stones towards a settlers’ vehicle in the village of Al-Tur. The children were subject to severe beating during the arrest and were taken to an empty land where they were searched and forced to take their clothes off. Afterwards, they were transferred to the police center for interrogation and were also subject to assault and threats.

The children were presented to court several times and were transferred in between Al-Maskobyeh and Hasharon prisons and were released at the beginning of the current year on condition of house-arrest until completing the legal procedures against them. Khader was released on condition of house-arrest and deportation to Beit Hanina while Abulhawa was deported to the village of Beit Safafa. Throughout the last months, they were deprived from attending school but were allowed to take the final exams last May and to go back to their homes in Al-Tur.

Abu Ghannam’s mother explained that her son was under house-arrest since he was released and even he went to school, he had to have a companion with him. He was not allowed to go outside the house and see his friends. She said: “We tried to provide him with all his needs and make-up for the house-arrest so it won’t affect his psyche until the actual imprisonment sentence was issued.”

She explained that her son suffered several bruised the day he was arrested and also suffered bleeding in his finger due to being beaten; his finger was in a cast.

She also explained that the judge sentenced her son and Amir for actual imprisonment of 5 months; they have to turn themselves-in on 8/12/2016. She pointed out they will appeal the sentences at the Supreme Court.

The child Haitham Khweis was sentenced for a 200-hours course and a suspended probation of 10 months for two years.