Prison sentences…extensions of arrest…releases
November 23, 2016

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud reached an agreement with the public prosecution regarding the sentencing of two Jerusalemite men.

Lawyer Mahmoud explained that he reached an agreement to sentence his client Yousef Alayan for 5 years and 9 months in prison and Louai Abu Hummos for two years; the judge extended their arrest until 23/1/2017 to confirm the prison sentences.

The judge also sentenced Mustafa Mustafa for 100 days of actual imprisonment, a 3-thousand NIS fine and a suspended probation of 3 months for three years.

Extensions of arrest

The judge extended the arrest of Hamzeh Melhes until 27/11/2016, Thaer Haddad until 24/11/2016, Yehya Abu Khdeir and Dalal Abulhawa until 13/12/2016, Haitham Aweidah until 4/1/2017 (sentencing), Basel Mheisen until 12/12/2016, Mohammad Hadreh and Eid Shabaneh until 24/11/2016, Mohammad Yaghmour and Emran Burqan until 1/2/2017 and Mohammad Abu Khdeir until 5/12/2016.

The judge also extended the arrest of Bahjat Al-Razem, Nour Shalabi, Omar Ishtay and Mahmoud Dirbas indefinitely.

The judge decided to release Shadi Alayan and Adham Ja’abees with a 3-thousand NIS bail, house-arrets for 10 days and a third-party bail and also released Malek Assaileh and Yazan Harafsheh with a third-party bail for each.

The judge confirmed on Wednesday the administrative arrest imposed on Yousef Falah.