The prisoner Shorouq Dwayyat has been sentenced 16 years of actual imprisonment
December 25, 2016

On Sunday morning the District Court issued a verdict on the Jerusalemite prisoner Shorouq Dwayyat, age 19, actual imprisonment for 16 years, and a fine of 80 thousand Shekels.
Shorouq Dwayyat was arrested on 10/07/2015. She has been shot by a settler while walking in Al- Wad Street in Old Jerusalem, under the pretext of trying to stab him, and had surgery to implant an artery in her shoulder and skin on her neck. She was only hospitalized for three days before she was transferred to the Moscobiya Compound and then to Hasharon Prison. Note that she has been wounded by three bullets (in the area between the chest and the shoulder, and the muscles and neck).