Transferring a young Jerusalemite man to administrative arrest…banning a woman from travelling abroad…extensions of arrest
January 16, 2017

The occupation authorities transferred 18-year old Abdel Karim Shyoukhi to administrative arrest for 6 months; he is from Silwan.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli police decided to release Shyoukhi on Tuesday morning without any conditions. Several hours later and right before releasing him, he was transferred to administrative arrest for 6 months.

Extending the arrest of young men

In a related matter, lawyer Mahmoud said the judge extended the arrest of Laith Mash’al until 19/1/2017 after the prosecution appealed a decision to release him, Naser Obeid until 23/1/2017, Malek Sroor until 18/1/2017, Suhaib Afaneh until 5/2/2017, Ahmad Darwish until completing the legal procedures against him, Munther Qunbar until 18/1/2017, Ahmad Diab until 17/1/2017 and Hamzeh Qunbar until 22/1/2017.

Extending the arrest of minors

The judge also extended the arrest of Majd Ahmad until 6/2/2017 for sentencing, Ahmad Farroukh until 19/1/2017, Mohammad Dirbas until 13/2/2017, Majd Shkeirat and Seif Abu Nab and Mohammad Atrash until 17/1/2017, Mousa Abu Ghannam until 1/2/2017 and Rama Abdellatif until 25/1/2017.

The police decided to released Areen Za’aneen, Mousa Sharaf, Mohammad Emran Qunbar, Mohammad Ahmad Qunbar, Ali Mashahra and Eyad Shkeirat with a third-party bail while Mohammad Haddad and Muntaser Abu Ghannam were released on condition of house-arrest for 3 days and a third-party bail for each.

The center was informed that the judge also extended the arrest of Mohammad Is’eedeh and Majd Is’eedeh until next Wednesday; they were arrested in the early morning hours from the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz in Jerusalem.


On the other hand, the occupation authorities renewed on Tuesday morning the travel-ban imposed on Khadijeh Khweis until mid-March. It is noteworthy that she has been under a travel-ban for 13 months.