Sentencing Abed Dwayyat for 18 years in prison
January 23, 2017

The District judges sentenced on Monday 18-year old Abed Dwayyat for 18 years of actual  imprisonment and a 100-thousand NIS fine after convicting him of causing the death of the Israeli settler “Alexander Leblovic” after throwing stones towards his vehicle while passing in one of the streets of the village of Sur Baher in September 2015.

Sanctions on prisoner Abed and his family

The occupation authorities closed the house of the Jerusalemite prisoner Dwayyat in the village of Sur Baher last April using iron sheets and plates. They also cancelled his residency and suspended his social security allowance following an order by the Israeli Minister of Interior.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the occupation forces arrested 5 young men from Sur Baher, they are: Mohammad Salah Abu Kaf, Mohammad Jihad Tawil, Walid Firas Atrash, Abed Mahmoud Dwayyat and Ali Sabra after the death of an Israeli settler; Dwayyat was considered the main suspect in causing the death of the settler.