For the third time since the beginning of the year…traffic tickets to vehicle in Shu’fat Refugee Camp
January 25, 2017

Municipality crews along with Israeli police raided Shu’fat Refugee Camp and issued traffic tickets to vehicles parked on the sidewalks; tickets ranged between 250-750 NIS. 

Khaled Al-Sheikh, director of the Child’s Center in the Refugee Camp, said: “We were surprised by the tickets issued to the vehicles because the locals are not used to that. The streets are narrow and the locals don’t have many options where to park their vehicles.”

He added: “For the third time this year, the municipality issues such tickets and fines where nearly 200 vehicles were targeted in each time.”

Obada Hawas, a resident, said: “This is the second time during two week where I get a parking ticket and each was 500 NIS. My vehicle is broken and that is why it has been parked on the sidewalk for several days.”

It is noteworthy that the occupation forces also raided Shu’fat Refugee Camp on Tuesday and seized several “unregistered” vehicles. They also removed the signs of several commercial stores and damaged surveillance cameras for other stores