He wrote “Forgive me”…was arrested and prohibited from driving his truck!!!
February 3, 2017

The Magistrate judge decided to Friday to release 28-year old Ziad Obeidyeh after detaining him for two days on suspicious of “intent to carry out an attack.”

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained to Wadi Hilweh Information Center that the Magistrate judge released his client Ziad Obeidyeh with a 5-thousand NIS bail, house-arrest until next Thursday as well as prohibiting him from driving his truck until next April.

Lawyer Mahmoud added that his client was arrested last Tuesday night after writing “Forgive me…the sun might rise tomorrow and announce my death” on Facebook page. He was presented to court on Wednesday and the judge extended his arrest on suspicious of his intent to carry out an attack. During the court session, the police requested to extend his arrest for 6 more days to continue interrogation. After the lawyer submitted his claims, the judge decided to release him with the above mentioned conditions.