Pictures: Harassing Al-Sha’er family…raiding, assaulting and arresting
February 6, 2017

Four Jerusalemites from Al-Sha’er family were injured with bruises after being assaulted and severely beaten during the occupation forces raid on their homes in the village of Al-Tur.

Mohammad Al-Sha’er explained that the forces raided his father’s house (Adnan Al-Sha’er) and his brother’s house (Subhi Al-Sha’er) and assaulted the family members with electric shocks and beat them.

He added that the forces arrested four family members despite their injuries, they are: Adnan Al-Sha’er (55) and his wife Rabeeha (51), Mustafa Al-Sha’er (21) and Subhi Al-Sha’er (28). They were transferred to Al-Maskobyeh police center in West Jerusalem. Mohammad also pointed out that that the forces confiscated an amount of money and his father’s truck.

Raid and assault

Adnan Al-Sha’er explained that occupation forces including masked personnel raided his house around 3:30 a.m. and started a search operation looking for “weapons and prohibited items”. During the search, they confiscated money and checks.

He added: “the forces pushed my 13-year old daughter Nagham for no reason and when we objected they started yelling and attacked us with batons and severely beat us.”

Subhi Al-Sha’er explained that the forces raided his house and attempted to search it but he objected since they don’t have a search warrant. Instead, they arrested him and took him to his father’s house.

Subhi added that the soldiers assaulted his sister while searching his father’s house which led to verbal altercations and then random assault on family members. They handcuffed the residents and detained them in a room and then took him and his brother Mustafa to the stairways where they shocked them with electric shocks on their lower limbs. They also assaulted and severely beat him in the street and while in the car until reaching Al-Maskobyeh police center.

Mustafa explained that the soldiers searched and damaged his room before assaulting and arresting him.


The police decided to release Adnan Al-Sha’er and his wife Rabeeha without any conditions, and released Subhi and Mustafa on condition of house-arrest until Friday, a 500-NIS bail and a third-party bail for each.


Al-Sha’er family explained that they immediately headed to the medical centers for treatment due to pains they were suffering while detained an interrogated. Adnan was wounded in his thigh and the doctor had to stitch the wound, and was also bruised in his jaw. He pointed out that the interrogator refused to allow him treatment despite the bleeding and the pain he was suffering; he was detained for more than 10 hours.

Rabeeha Al-Sha’er was bruised in her hand and shoulder while Subhi suffered fractures in his nose and pains in his leg, and Mustafa suffered bruises in his limbs and back.