Pictures- The occupation authorities organize their annual Marathon in Jerusalem and a protest to affirm the Arab identity of the city
March 17, 2017

The occupation authorities organized on Friday the Jerusalem International Marathon for the 7th consecutive year in the street of Jerusalem supported by the occupation municipality, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Sports. A protest was also organized by Jerusalemite activists across from “Street number 1”-one of the Marathon’s paths- after they were banned from organizing a Marathon in the adjacent streets.

The occupation authorities organized this year’s Marathon under the name “50 years to the liberation of Jerusalem from invaders”; this year is the 50th anniversary of occupying the rest of the city of Jerusalem in 1967. The Marathon aims at showing the city of Jerusalem as an Israeli unified city with its two parts (East and West Jerusalem). The occupation municipality makes sure the Marathon includes streets in East Jerusalem near the walls of the Old City passing by its historical Arab landmarks every year. They try to show them as Jewish landmarks, and the Marathon aims to shed light on the history of 3000 years of the existence of Jerusalem, which is considered "the capital of Israel" according to the Marathon’s advertisements.

The Jerusalemite activist, Mohammad Abu Hummos, explained that a protest was organized on Friday in Antara Bin Shaddad Street (across from Street number 1) after they were banned from advancing towards the adjacent streets. The protest aimed at delivering a message saying the city of Jerusalem is an Arab Palestinian city and not unified as the occupation authorities claim.

Regarding the Marathon’s title “50 years to the liberation of Jerusalem from invaders”, Abu Hummos said: “We are the owners of the land and they are the invaders…all international laws and norms recognize that Jerusalem is occupied.”

In terms of the international participation in the Marathon, he said: “We call on all nations and the free world to boycott this Marathon which carries a sport’s identity but in fact is organized to show the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”