Arrests in the city of Jerusalem…and isolations from Al-Aqsa Mosque
April 9, 2017

The occupation forces arrested on Monday early morning dozens of young Jerusalemite men after raiding their homes in the city of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the arrests were mostly executed in the Old City of Jerusalem, Al-Tur, Silwan and Wad Al-Joz. The occupation intelligence released most detainees that are residents of Old City on condition of isolation from Al-Aqsa Mosque for 15 days while detainees from other area were ordered not to enter the Old City of Jerusalem. Some were released and were asked to come back and receive their isolation orders from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Local sources that monitored the raids and arrests published the names of detainees, they are:

  1. Mohammad Rukon
  2. Mohammad Ashour
  3. Yousef Abu Shousheh
  4. Mohammad Abu Farha
  5. Khaled Melhes
  6. Ahmad Joulani
  7. Ahmad Shawish
  8. Mahmoud Shawish
  9. Yousef Shawish
  10. Ahmad Rukon
  11. Odai Sinokrot
  12. Ahmad Hashlamon
  13. Ibrahim Natsheh
  14. Jihad Qos
  15. Mohammad Shawqi Sandouka
  16. Thaer Zghayyar
  17. Ragheb Abu Sneineh
  18. Khader Ajloni
  19. Mohammad Zein
  20. Omar Za’aneen
  21. Omar Salameh
  22. Mohammad Hashlamon

Sources added that the forces raided the houses of Mohammad Dakkaq and Ala’ Fakhouri and requested them for interrogation since they were not home.

On the other hand, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli forces arrested 5 Jerusalemites from Al-Tur, they are: Farid Eyad Abulhawa (16), Mohammad Samir Abulhawa (14), Mohammad Khalil Sbitan (18), Ahmad Mohammad Ashayer (19) and Baha’ Tayseer Abu Jom’a (24).

They also arrested 17-year old Nasim Khalil Kleib from the village of Esawyeh.