The occupation forces arrest a young man…extending the arrest of a Jerusalemite
April 24, 2017

The occupation forces arrested 20-year old Ahmad Jalal Al-A’war from the neighborhood of Ein Al-Lozeh in Silwan.

On the other hand, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of Jamil Tamimi (57) who is accused of carrying out a stabbing attack in the light rail in Jerusalem in mid April which led to the death of a British woman.

Lawyer Mahmoud said his client was presented to a doctor in the mental hospital. According to the report, he is qualified for trial. During Monday’s session, he was transferred for check-up again and the judge extended his arrest until 4/5/2017 while keeping him at the mental hospital.

The Magistrate judge also extended the house-arrest imposed on Yousef Hijazi and Yazan Farroukh (minors) for 10 more days; they are allowed to go to school.

Amir Karaki was sentenced for 4 months of public services, a 500-NIS fine and 2500 NIS as compensation to the policeman in addition to a suspended probation of two months for two years.

The judge extended the arrest Mohammad Mahmoud and Mohammad Ahmad Atyeh until 26/4/2017, Nour Eddin Mheisen until 1/5/2017 and Mohammad Munther Atyeh until completing the legal procedures against them.

The public prosecution submitted an indictment against the minor Mohannad Abu Asab; he remained under house-arrest in Ezaryeh. The judge refused to extend the house-arrest imposed on Mousa Abu Ghannam (minor).

The judge also extended the arrest of Mohammad Mheisen and Ahmad Mheisen until 8/6/2017, Mufeed Sarandah until 9/5/2017 and Naser Obeid until 3/5/2017.