A series of arrests in the village of Esawyeh
April 30, 2017

The occupation forces executed several arrests in the village of Esawyeh and transferred the detainees to interrogation centers in the city.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center was informed that the occupation forces raided the village of Esawyeh and stormed into several houses to execute arrests.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the detainees are:

  1. Ismaeel Tawfiq Mheisen (17)
  2. Firas Nidal Mahmoud (17)
  3. Adam Kayed Mahmoud (16)
  4. Shadi Mohammad Atyeh (16)
  5. Mohammad Abdel Ra’ouf Mahmoud (17)
  6. Abdel Qader Mohammad Dari (17)
  7. Bashar Mahmoud
  8. Munir Kayed Mahmoud
  9. Akram Fadi Mansour (16)
  10. Thaer Mohammad Mheisen (20)
  11. Amir Munir Dirbas (19)
  12. Nasim Amjad Mheisen (19)
  13. Odai Issa Obeid (18)
  14. Mahmoud Ramadan Obeid (20)
  15. Mohammad Adnan Obeid (20)

Sources in the village of Esawyeh said the occupation forces also arrested Rashad Naser and Mahmoud Khaldoun Mustafa.