Prison sentences…extensions of arrest
July 4, 2017

The Magistrate judge extended the arrest of 6 young men from the neighborhood of Al-Sowaneh in Jerusalem to continue interrogating them on charges of throwing stones during the funeral procession of Ali Abu Gharbieh.

Wadi Hilweh information Center was informed that the Magistrate judge extended the arrest of Majdi Abu Ghazaleh, Kamal Al-Imam, Ahmad Shihab and Mohammad Abu Lafi until Thursday and As’ad Shihab and Fadi Kilani until Sunday.

In a related matter, lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud said the judge confirmed the administrative arrest against Rami Ismaeel.

Prison sentences…

The judge sentenced Yassin Sbeih for 8 months of actual imprisonment and a 1500-NIS fine while Islam Qaram was sentenced for 4 months in prison and a 3-thousand NIS fine. Huthaifa Shreiteh was sentenced for 11 months and a 2000-NIS bail, and Mahmoud Abbasi was sentenced for a suspended probation of two months and a 700-NIS fine.

In the same context, Aziz Alayan was sentenced for a suspended probation of 3 months and a 2400-NIS fine.

Extensions of arrest

The judge extended the arrest of Mohammad Sharifeh and Sufian Ajloni until 12/7/2017, Daoud Abu Aweis and Ibrahim Kleib until 16/7/2017, Yaser Al-Razem until 6/9/2017, Rami Barakat and Izz Abu Sbeih until 17/7/2017, Ihab Hadreh and Mohammad Zghayyar and Suhaib Hindi until 6/9/2017, Eyad Gheith and Odai Gheith and Mou’een Gheith until 6/7/2017, Mahmoud Naser until 20/7/2017, Mohammad Atyeh until completing the legal procedures against him, Mohammad Salman and Abed Abu Saymeh until 20/7/2017, Tamer Mleihat and Ahmad Tarwa until 7/7/2017, Sufian Mahmoud and Yazan Tarwa until 10/7/2017.