A series of arrests in the city of Jerusalem under the pretext of “not preventing a stabbing attack”
March 19, 2018

The Israeli occupation forces arrested eight Palestinians, including a boy and an old man, on Monday in connection with the stabbing incident that took place in the Old City of Jerusalem which led to the martyrdom of 28-year-old Palestinian Abdel Rahman Bani Fadel.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the Israeli occupation forces stormed several streets in the Old City, especially Al-Wad Street and adjacent areas, and arrested eight people who were in the area when the incident occurred.

Lawyer Mohammad Mahmoud explained that the Israeli forces arrested Abdel Rahman Sandouka, 14, Farha Abed Da’na, 67, Zuheir Abdel Raheem Da’na, 62, Khaled Ammar Ghneim, 21, Rami Nawwaf Abdel Salam, 37, Sa’ed Abel Qutteineh, 35, Omar Ahmed Awad, 20, and Mohammed Saeed Bakri, 20, and accused them of "not preventing a crime."