Isolating four of Al-Aqsa Mosque’s guards from their workplace
April 24, 2018

The occupation authorities isolated on Tuesday four of Al-Aqsa Mosque’s guards from Al-Aqsa for durations that varied between one to six months under the pretext of “posing threat to the public”.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center’s lawyer explained that the occupation authorities isolated three guards from Al-Aqsa for 6 months, they are: Fadi Alayan, Arafat Najib and Louai Abu Saed. They also isolated Khalil Tarhooni for one month.

The occupation intelligence had summoned the above mentioned guards along with guard Hamzeh Nabali for interrogation last week at Al-Qishleh police station in the Old City of Jerusalem. They were isolated from Al-Aqsa until the interrogation starts the next day. When they headed to the police center in the morning, the intelligence deliberately delayed their entry and postponed the interrogation from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. The family waited for several hours in front of the police station until they received the summons for interrogation at 4 p.m. except for guard Hamzeh Nabali.