Pictures- Demolishing a building in the village of Esawyeh
May 1, 2018


Israeli bulldozers demolished a building belonging to Jamal Alayan in the village of Esawyeh displacing 17 people, including seven children. The owner of the apartment lost consciousness and was transferred for treatment. Also, the photographer journalist, Wael Salaymeh, was injured by a rubber bullet in the leg while he was covering and documenting the demolition.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center said that members of the Special Forces, the police and border control, accompanied by municipal staff, stormed the village of Esawyeh at dawn and were stationed at its main entrance. They surrounded the building of Jamal Alayan and closed the streets leading to it, after they smashed its main door and told him to evacuate it in order to execute the demolition. 

The owner of the building Jamal Alayan said that the demolition was carried out without prior notice, and the municipal court imposed a few months ago a fine for "building without a license" worth 250 thousand shekels, and he was making the monthly payments, and trying to license the building.

He added that the building was built five years ago, and the municipality issued a decision to demolish it after two years of construction. The order was postponed and frozen several times until the imposition of the fine.

"The building is a three-story building, the first floor is commercial, Al-Malak Pizza, a Spice Shop, Carpet Cleaning and Laundry," he said.

He added that the building contains four apartments on the second and third floors, each with a floor area of ​​200 square meters, where Mohammed Jamal Alayan, his family, Jamal Alayan and his family, Rami Al-Risheq and his family, and Thaer Obeid and his family live.

He explained that his lawyer went to the municipal court in the morning and despite the judge's approval to postpone it, the demolition supervisor claimed that the delay was dangerous to the building, where the bulldozers had already begun the demolition.

He added that families and merchants prevented the unloading of the contents of houses and shops, and municipal workers took out some of the contents, while the demolition was carried out on the largest part of the contents.

Clashes broke out in the village of Esawyeh during the withdrawal of bulldozers and occupation forces from the village, and young men threw firecrackers and stones at them. The forces responded with sound grenades and rubber bullets, injuring journalist Wael Salaymeh.

Israeli occupation forces arrested and severely beat Mohammed Kamal Alayan.