Arrests in the village of Al-Tur…requesting a woman for interrogation…re-arresting a freed prisoner
June 10, 2018

The occupation forces re-arrested the freed prisoner Ibrahim Mohammad Odeh Dirbas, 23, immediately after releasing him from Negev desert prison.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that occupation intelligence personnel arrested the freed prisoner Dirbas and took him to Al-Maskobyeh interrogation center after completing his 50-month prison sentence.

On the other hand, the intelligence service requested the wife of prisoner Oday Sinokrot for interrogation; her husband was arrested last month.

Locals sources in the village of Al-Tur said the occupation forces and intelligence personnel raided the village and arrested 6 young men. They are: Ali Walid Sayyad, Hashem Abulhawa, Fadi Abulhawa, Ali Abulhawa, Yousef Abulhawa and Siraj Abu Sbitan.