Pictures- Demolishing 3 houses in the villages of Sur Baher and Silwan in Jerusalem
June 25, 2018

The Israeli occupation municipality continues to force Jerusalemites to demolish their homes with the threat of sanctions and fines.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the Israeli municipality forced two families from the villages of Silwan and Sur Baher to self-demolish their houses on Monday. Municipal staff also demolished agricultural and commercial facilities in the village of Hizma.

Sur Baher

In the evening, Ibrahim Amira demolished his house to avoid paying fines of more than 90,000 shekels. Amira explained that the house was established two years ago. After the construction was completed, the municipality issued a decision to demolish it. He tried to license it but to no avail.

Amira said: "I received a call from the police telling me that the municipal staff would demolish the house on Tuesday morning or I have to immediately self-demolish the house. I emptied the contents of the house and demolished it," he said. The house consists of 4 rooms where 6 individuals including 4 children live.

Amira explained that he headed to the municipality’s court immediately after the demolition order was issued, and said: "Unfortunately, all the courts approved the decision to demolish our house and the competent authorities refused to license it, today we have no shelter".


Shweiki family self-demolished two under-construction houses in the neighborhood of Wad Yasoul in Silwan following an order by the occupation municipality. Wael Shweiki said: "We demolished what has been built from bricks, iron and wood before the deadline of the self-demolition in order to avoid paying the demolition costs and a fine of 90 thousand shekels.”

Shweiki added: "The Israeli occupation forces raided the building late last May, and then returned on Friday, and handed us the administrative demolition order under the pretext of building without a permit."

He added that the family began the construction process in early May.


The occupation’s bulldozers carried out a large-scale demolition and bulldozing in the village of Hizma, northeast of Jerusalem. The head of the local council of Hizma village, Samar Salah Al-Din, said that the bulldozers demolished four nurseries, two quarries and a curtain stock shop in addition to bulldozing the lands where the facilities are established.