Occupation authorities deport a young man from Jerusalem for 6 months…arresting 12 young men from Shu’fat Refugee Camp
June 26, 2018

The occupation authorities issued a decision to deport Oday Sinokrot from the city of Jerusalem for 6 months.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the Israeli intelligence summoned Oday Sinokrot to Al-Maskobyeh police station in West Jerusalem, and handed him the decision to deport him from East and West Jerusalem. They also informed him that he will receive a list on Thursday with the names of people he’s not allowed to talk to for 6 months.

 the young man Sinokrot was released at the end of last week after being detained and held in Al-Maskobyeh cells for 32 days, where he was released on condition of being deported from his home in Ras Al Amoud / Silwan for one week. He was also prevented from meeting and talking with his father for 11 days, and banned from travelling abroad or entering the West Bank for six months. Sinokrot also had to pay a bail of NIS 10,000, and to sign bails of NIS 15,000.

On the other hand, the Israeli occupation forces arrested 12 youths after storming and searching their homes in Shu'fat Refugee Camp in Jerusalem, they are:

1. Tarek Al-A'araj

2. Adham Alqam

3. Yehya Hammoud

4. Mohammed Gharab

5. Ahmad Siam

6. Mohammed Sweiti

7. Ahmed Sharha

8. Shawkat Abdel Rahman

9. Ali Bader

10. Amir Salah

11. Wadi’ Salah

12. Hamouda Houshieh.