Arresting a Jerusalemite woman and her husband after storming their house in the village of Esawyeh
July 24, 2018

Israeli occupation forces arrested Mrs. Ibtisam Obeid, 35, and her husband, Wassim Obeid, after they stormed their house in the village of Esawyeh in Jerusalem.

Mohammed Abu Hummos, member of the follow-up committee in the village of Esawyeh, said that the Israeli occupation forces stormed the village early today and arrested Mrs. Ibtisam Obeid and her husband Wassim.

He added that the woman was arrested under the pretext of "entering Jerusalem and being present illegally because she holds a Palestinian identity." She was transferred to Salah Al-Din Street police station and then to Ofer detention center.

Abu Hummos added that the Israeli police released Wassim Obeid after he was detained and interrogated for several hours about his wife's presence at home considering it is “against the laws” since she doesn’t have a permit.

The Israeli occupation authorities deported Mrs. Ibtisam Obeid, 35, from the city of Jerusalem last March. She has been living in the city for 16 years with her husband and three children and has tried over the past years to obtain an identity or residency from the relevant Israeli authorities, but all attempts failed due to "security refusal."