Images- Demolition of a Residential Building in Al Issawiya in the City of Jerusalem
August 15, 2018

On Tuesday morning, the Israeli occupation forces demolished a residential building consisting of two apartments undergoing construction for the Naser / Abu Rayala family in the village of Issawiya, under the pretext of building without a permit.

The activist and member of the follow-up committee, Mohammad Abu Al Homos, stated that Israeli forces accompanied by bulldozers and municipal staff stormed the village of Issawiya, and completely surrounded the school street, they then proceeded to demolish a facility consisting of two apartments belonging to Nader Abu Rayala and his mother.

Abu Al Homos added that Abu Rayala began the process of building about a year ago to move in and live with his family, mother and sisters, where they were recently forced to move out of their home because it was uninhabitable, knowing that more than one individual from the family have special needs.

 Abu Al Homos said that the Israeli municipality hung the demolition order on the building about two weeks ago, just then Nader, through his lawyer, addressed the municipality to freeze the demolition and authorize the building, but bulldozers carried out the demolition in the morning.