The Release of 9 Women under the Condition of Exclusion from Al Aqsa Mosque
August 15, 2018

The Israeli occupation police decided on Wednesday evening to release 9 women under the condition that they become banned of going to Al Aqsa Mosque for two weeks.

Lawyer Khaled Zbarqa explained the decision to release the women and to prohibit them from entering Al Aqsa Mosque. These women included:

  1. Nahida Abu Shaqra
  2. Samah Mhameed
  3. Sajida Mhameed
  4. Nour Mhameed
  5. Eilaf Mhameed
  6. Suad Abu Shaqra
  7. Maryam Jabareen
  8. Fatima Mousa
  9. Salsabeel Imara

Lawyer Zabarqa added that the women were arrested under the pretext of “being present in the eastern area of Al Aqsa Mosque / Bab Al Rahma in conjunction with the settlers intrusions”. They were released after hours of interrogation and detention.