“Leaking” a property in Silwan
October 3, 2018

On Wednesday morning, Elad Settlement Association seized a property in the neighborhood of Wadi Hilweh in Silwan, south of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, after it was “leaked” by its owners from Fteiha family that is currently living in the United States.

According to Wadi Hilweh Information Center/ Silwan, dozens of settlers, under the protection of the Israeli occupation police, broke into a property belonging to Fteiha family, who live in the United States. They forced the residents (Maswadeh family), who had been renting the property from its owner for 30 years, to evict the property.

The center added that the property consists of two houses with an area of ​​about 160 square meters, in addition to a piece of land of about ​​800 square meters, planted with olive trees and figs.

The center added that the settlers began digging and installing columns in preparation for the placement of a gate to the property, in addition to other excavations in the ground and inside the apartments.

Maswadeh family explained to the center that the settlers forced them to leave the apartments without allowing them to remove the contents and personal belongings, pointing out that the intrusion was without warning, knowing that the case is still in the Israeli courts to protect the property.

The family said they had been living in the property for 30 years, and the rent was being paid to Fteiha family, who told them through their lawyer several months ago that they had sold the property to the settlers. Seven people, including three children, lived in the apartments.

Governor of Jerusalem Adnan Gheith said: "What took place today from the seizure of the property and the expulsion of the residents is the acts of gangs and mafia with the support of a government that supports the settlement in all the Palestinian territories and practice oppression and abuse everywhere"

"This is the city of Jerusalem, an Islamic Arab land where there is no right to sell," Gheith said.