October- Storming Al-Aqsa Mosque and banning Jerusalemites from entering it...assaulting Coptic monks…arrests and demolitions
November 5, 2018


Wadi Hilweh Information Center issued its monthly report for the month of October, in which it documented violations by the occupation authorities against the residents of Jerusalem.

The center said that the occupation authorities and settlers continued violations in the city of Jerusalem, through the daily incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque and the issuance of orders banning Palestinians from entering the Mosque, the daily arrests, in addition to continuing the policy of demolishing the houses of Jerusalemites under the pretext of building without a permit.

Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Information Center explained that the alleged temple groups continued to carry out the daily incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, where 2317 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque in October including extremist Member of Knesset Yehuda Glick. Incursions are carried out every day except on Fridays and Saturdaysand are conducted in two sessions; morning and afternoon through Dung Gate. Which the occupation authorities control the keys of since the occupation of Jerusalem, and allow settlers and tourists to storm the mosque.

The center further stated that the Israeli occupation authorities have continued the policy of banning Palestinians from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque. In October, 7 Palestinians including employees of the Islamic Awqaf Department were handed orders barring them from entering the mosque.

Assaulting the Coptic Church monks

In October, the Israeli occupation forces arrested a monk from the Coptic Church and assaulted others during the suppression of a sit-in organized by the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate in Jerusalem in front of the Sultan Coptic Monastery next to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, to protest against preventing them from conducting renovationworks inside the Sultan Coptic Monastery, while the municipality does so in favor of the Abyssinian without the consent of the Coptic Church.

“Leaking” real estate to settlement associations

Last October witnessed the “leaking” of property to settlers by its owners, and therefore controlled by the settlement associations. At the beginning of the month, the settlers seized a property in Wadi Hilweh neighborhood in Silwan, consisting of two houses and an area of ​​800 square meters, after it was sold to them by its owner who now lives in the United States of America.

Settlers also seizeda three-storey building, consisting of residential units, with a total area of ​​approximately 500 square meters. The property overlooks road junctions leading to Hutta Gate and Al-Wad Street, and directly overlooks Al-Aqsa Mosque from the north side. The property was sold by his owners. It’s been nearly a month since the property was seized, but the selling terms are still not clear, where accusations are still ongoing between Adib Joudeh and Khaled Al-Atari. A governmental committee was formed to investigate who is behind the “leak”.

At the end of last month, settlers took control of a residential apartment in the neighborhood of Batn Al-Hawa / Central Neighborhood in Silwan. It was located in a 5-storey residential building that was completely handed over to the settlers in 2015, except for the apartment where Jawad Abu Sneineh lived. At the end of the month, the building was completely seized. It is noteworthy that the building was “leaked” by Jamal Sarhan.

A plan by the occupation municipality to end the work of UNRWA in the city of Jerusalem

On the other hand, in a dangerous precedent to the occupation municipality, which seeks to end the work of "UNRWA" in the city of Jerusalem. last month, municipal crews conducted cleaning works and removal of waste from the streets of Shu’fat refugee camp, and the Israeli occupation forces accompanied by staff from the Ministry of Health stormed the UNRWA clinic in the Old City of Jerusalem after the head of the occupation municipality announced a plan to end the work of UNRWA in Jerusalem, and the replacement of all its services "health, education and hygiene" with services provided by the occupation municipality.

91 arrests in the city of Jerusalem

Wadi Hilweh Information Center monitored 91 cases of arrests in Jerusalem. Among the detainees were: a woman, 16 minors, and 5 children "less than the age of responsibility / less than 12 years".

The geographical distribution of the arrests was as follows: 25 from Esawyeh, 21 from Silwan, 10 from Old City of Jerusalem, 9 from Shu'fat Refugee Camp and Anata village, 5 from Jabal Al-Mukabber, 2 from Wadi Al-Joz, 2 from Al-Ram, 1 from Al-Sowaneh, 1 from Al-Tur, in addition to 15 arrests from the courtyards of Al-Aqsa and its gates and the streets of the Old City.

Among the detainees last month was the governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, where the Israeli intelligence services ambushed him in the neighborhood of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, to arrest him. The Israeli authorities extended his arrest for two days, and then released him on condition of house-arrest and deportation from his home in Silwan to the neighborhood of Wad Al-Joz. The Israeli forces raided the house where the governor is currently staying in Wad Al-Joz several times under the pretext of "checking if the governor is inside the house".


The Israeli occupation authorities continued demolishing real estate in Jerusalem, and the center monitored the demolition of four residential establishments during the past month; twowere demolished by municipality's bulldozers and twowere self-demolished by their owners following an order by the municipality and in order to avoid paying fines and demolition fees for municipal staff.

The geographical distribution of the demolitions was as follows: 2 in Jabal Al-Mukabber, 1 in Beit Hanina, and 1 in Anata village.

Suppression of events

The Ministry of Internal Security continued to suppress the activities in the city of Jerusalem under the pretext being sponsored by the Palestinian Authority. The Israeli intelligence prevented a cultural event called by the Jerusalem intellectuals' Forum to honor a group of Jerusalemite men and women on the 20th anniversary of the death of Mr. Hosni Ashhab.Intelligence personnel raided the headquarters of the event at Dar Al-Tifel School in Jerusalem, and ordered all the attendees to leave.