A wide series of arrests in the city of Jerusalem
December 13, 2018


The Israeli occupation forces launched a large-scale operation in which they arrested dozens of young men from the city of Jerusalem.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center learned that the occupation forces and its intelligence forces stormed several villages and neighborhoods in Jerusalem and executed multiple arrests mainly in the Old City.

Local sources from Jerusalem published a list of the detainees:

1. Murad Zaghari

2. Mohammad Dabbagh

3. Majed Jo’beh

4. Nafez Jo’beh

5. Fadi Jo’beh

6. Omar Mheisen

7. Khader Al-Ajlouni

8. Ahmed Jaber

9. Amr Arafeh

10. Jihad Qos

11. Younes Ashour

12. Mohammad Ashour

13. Louay Nasser Aldin

14. Hamza Malhas

15. Khaled Malhas

16. Abu Wael Al Fakhouri

17. Emad Abu Sneineh

18. Mohamad Ghneim Alnensh

19. Khader Al-Ajlouni

20. Mohammad Hashlamon

21. Mahmoud Abdel Latif

22. Amer Bazlameet

23. Murad Misk

24. Munir Al-Basti