Invading, beating and arresting under the pretext of “searching for surveillance cameras”
January 11, 2019

On Thursday, the occupying forces attacked Dr. Karim Hussein, his family members and his relatives, by beating and arresting them, after storming his homes in the village of Jabal Al Mukaber, south of Jerusalem.

Members of the occupation intelligence in civilian attires raided the house of Dr. Karim, to search and confiscate recordings from surveillance cameras. Despite the family's confirmation several times that there are no cameras in their house, the intelligence insisted on breaking into the house to search for them. During this time, verbal assaults and attacks on family members took place.

Dr. Ali Al-Kalouti, one of Dr. Karim's relatives, explained what happened: “I hurried to go to Dr. Karim's house, after I knew about the invasion of his home, where I was at the head of my work at the nearby healthcare center. As soon as I arrived, the forces attacked me for no reason, and large forces were summoned to the place, then they arrested me and transferred me for investigation to “Ouz police station” in Jabal Al Mukaber.

He added that the Israeli troops tried to break into his relative’s house, Hussein, without the presence of any order to invade or inspect, despite the confirmation of the family that there were no surveillance cameras in the house.

He said that the officer beat Dr. Karim on the head, and therefore was taken to “Shaarei Tzedek” hospital for treatment.

The wife of the doctor, a pregnant woman, and his sister were also assaulted by being pushed and bruised.

Dr. Kalouti added that the police released him under the condition of serving house arrest for two days, and paying bail.