Photos _ Blockade and Closure of the Dome of the Rock Mosque... sit-ins on its Doors and Arrests
January 14, 2019

The occupation forces besieged the holy Dome of the Rock mosque and prevented worshipers from entering it for 6 hours.

The occupation forces, with their various elements, officers, police, intelligence and Special Forces, transformed the outskirts of the Dome of the Rock Mosque into a military barrack, by being centered on the four doors of the mosque and preventing the opening of it and spreading themselves all over the place, as well as taking images of those who are present using mobile phones and special cameras to show them to the forces.

The Islamic Waqf Department said that the occupation authorities imposed a military cordon around the Dome of the Rock, to arrest the guards of the mosque, because the guards refused to allow the entry of a police officer into the Dome of the Rock, the police officer was wearing a (kippah), which is a Jewish religious symbol.

Wadi Hilweh Information Center explained that the Israeli police tried to storm into the mosque to arrest the guards; the siege lasted for about 6 hours. Meanwhile, hundreds of Palestinians gathered in Al Aqsa yards and recited hymns, Takbeers and other various chants, while the forces attacked the director of Al Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Omar Al Kiswani, and a number of protesters by pushing them and beating them; Sheikh Al Kiswani was transferred to a hospital for treatment.

The national forces insisted on continuing the sit-in at Al Aqsa until the reopening of the Dome of the Rock Mosque.

Sheikh Wasef Al Bakri, acting chief justice confirmed that the prayer will be performed inside the Dome of the Rock Mosque once the siege is lifted.

Following the calling for the afternoon prayer (Asr prayer), a number of sheikhs were able to enter the holy             Aqsa Mosque, then the officer of the old city stormed it, during that period, the special forces withdrew from the doors of the Dome of the Rock mosque, and worshipers entered while chanting Takbeer then performed noon and afternoon prayers (Dhuhur and Asr prayers).

Arrests and searches

The Israeli occupation forces arrested four of Al Aqsa Mosque guards when they left the mosque through the doors of Asbat (Lions’ Gate) and Majlis (Council Gate). The four guards are: Fadi Alian, Louay Abu Al Saad, Ahmad Abu Alia, and Yehya Shehadeh.

Awad Al Salaymeh, a member of Fatah movement in Jerusalem, was also arrested.

The occupation forces stationed all doors of Al Aqsa and stopped young men and began to search them and photograph them.