The Occupation Keep Away a Male and Female Guard from Al Aqsa Mosque
January 15, 2019

On Tuesday, Israeli occupation police removed two of Al Aqsa guards from the mosque. It also called on the public relations and media official of the Islamic Waqf for interrogation.

 Firas Al Dibs, a public relations and media official at Awqaf stated that the occupation intelligence summoned the guard of Al Aqsa Mosque, Bayan Al Sheikh and the guard Salman Abu Mayala, and released them under the condition that the female guard is kept away from Al Aqsa for 15 days and the male guard is kept away until next Monday and that he will be back for interrogation.

 He also explained that the intelligence summoned him for interrogation tomorrow at the Moscobiyeh police station in Jerusalem.

Al Dibs pointed out the removal of four of Al Aqsa guards yesterday from the mosque for a week after they were arrested as soon as they came out of the mosque.