Abu Sbeih family…no identity for years and soon will be without an address!!!
January 29, 2019


Between “detention, arrest, and deportation from the city of Jerusalem", the children of the late Abdel-Samee’ Abu Sbeih and their families live in constant concern. The occupation laws deprive them of their identity card, which enables them to live freely and safely under the pretext of "security refusal," even though they were born and raised in Jerusalem. The occupation authorities started harassing them since the occupation of the city and will not end with the arrest of six members of the family during the past days.

Jalal Abu Sbeih explained that his family lived in the village of Silwan before the occupation of Jerusalem. After 1967, the family was "not counted" for fear of the practices of occupation and massacres committed during the occupation, and the father did not get an Israeli identity, where the father and his wife and his eleven sons of males and females were left without an identity card.

We have not held an Israeli identity since the occupation of the city. In the late 1990s, when we consulted with a lawyer, we got the Palestinian ID to help us receive reunification and residency permits in Jerusalem," Jalal said. "In recent months, family members were arrested and deported from Jerusalem under the pretext of illegal residence in the city. "

He added: "the occupation forces arrest us in the streets of Jerusalem or inside the village of Silwan, and after checking the identity we are arrested, then released with financial guarantees and deportation outside Jerusalem, or the imposition of prison sentences, which varied from one week to six months. During the past five months, there were continuous raids on our homes and multiple arrests were executed. On Sunday, my brother's wife was arrested along with her two daughters, her son and my brother Wajdi and my grandfather, knowing that Harbi Abu Sbeih has been in detention for about two weeks."

Abu Sbeih continued: "My brother's wife and children were released, while Harbi and Wajdi are still under arrest," Abu Sbeih said. "Every time we get deported outside of Jerusalem, we come back to it. Our lives are all inside the city and we have nowhere else."

Abu Sbeih said that his parents had tried during the past years to obtain IDs for the entire family but to no avail. After his father's death, the Israeli Ministry of Interior issued him a residence permit, pointing out that his father died about 5 years ago and his mother 11 years ago.

"After four of us got married to women that hold Israeli identity cards, we tried to get IDs through family reunification procedures, but the “security refusal” was always the reason for not giving us the identity, as we were previously arrested on security issues," Abu Sbeih said.

Abu Sbeih added that the family owns documents proving that they have lived in Jerusalem since before the occupation. They also have evidence from the Electricity and Water Companies and others.

He explained that the inability of the family members to move is not easy for them, and said: "We cannot work and debts have accumulated to various companies and institutions," appealing to legal human rights organizations to help him and his brothers and their families to be able to live in the city without persecution and harassment and threats, stressing that the family has no other place and no other address.