A series of arrests in the city of Jerusalem, among them the governor Gheith
February 27, 2019


On Wednesday morning, the Israeli occupation forces launched a large-scale arrest campaign in the neighborhoods and villages of Jerusalem.

Lawyer Mohammed Mahmoud said that the forces arrested the governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Gheith, after storming his house in the village of Silwan, and arrested the Jerusalemite lawyer Medhat Deebeh, and turned them to Al-Maskobyeh police station “Rooms 4” in West Jerusalem.

Mahmoud added that the forces executed a series of arrests in the village of Esawyeh, where 22 Jerusalemites were arrested.

According to lawyer Mahmoud and local sources, the following were arrested:

1. Mansour Mahmoud

2. Ali Abu Rayaleh

3. Hassan Bilal Mahmoud

4. Mahmoud Derbas

5. Moayed Bader

6. Jamal Saleh Mustafa

7. Wassim Raed Kleib

8. Khalil Nasser

9. Muntaser Jaber

10. Adam Mahmoud

11. Adam Abu Shamaleh

12. Ahmed Abu Shamaleh

13. Bashar Obeid

14. Farouk Mustafa

15. Mohammad Mustafa

16. Mus’ab Mheisen

17. Adel Mahmoud

18. Shadi Ataba

19. Mohammed Alaa Mahmoud

20. Mohammed Hussein Derbas

21. Issa Abu Rayaleh